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Attention Blues Fans!!! [29 Jun 2004|09:40am]


Intrepid Artists Presents:


Intrepid Artists and Tone-Cool Records is proud to announce a terrific young Atlanta based blues musician, Sean Costello. Once nominated for a W.C. Handy Award for his Landslide debut, Cuttin' In, this young singer-guitarist is creating excitement in venues large and small across the country. His latest album shows Sean and his smoking band in peak form as they put their solid stamp on vintage blues and r&b and a few infectious new Sean originals. Costello has a full slate of summer bookings, which will include over 20 festivals plus non-stop club dates. Look for more exposure on all levels, including feature magazine articles, TV appearances, blues radio charting, and strong word of mouth wherever the band goes. Sean's newest album is soon to arrive. It exudes a mix of r&b and soul and bluesy Dylan songs as well.

For tour dates and more info: http://www.seancostello.com and or http://www.launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/SeanCostelloGroup/

Click The Link Below to Sample Sean's Music:
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Newbie [25 Mar 2004|12:49pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

This LJ is dead so I figured id do an introductory post,

I saw the Beat when they were at Finley stadium awhile back,hopfully they will return this year(and save Finley lol)

I guess thats it,

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[08 Jul 2003|02:40am]

Newsflash: For some reason, Category 1 tickets to this Wednesday's Beat game against the Spirit are only $7.50. They are normally $22, so everyone should come. I'm even getting my roommate to come. The seats at this stadium are seriously right on the sideline. If you're in the front row you can reach over and touch the back of the players on the benches' heads. :) Or you can keep your grubby hands to yourself and watch the game.

I need to start posting my comments about the games in here again.
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[13 Jun 2003|10:46am]

[ mood | hungry ]

If the Beat win tomorrow, they will take first place. If they lose, they will have won the same amount of games as the Courage.

Only Parlow and Scurry will be gone for NT duty. Bivens didn't make the cut, but that's good for us. Hooper, Nonen, and Dominguez will probably be pretty tired, but I'm not too worried about that. I only worry that Hooper's going to have one of her dirty games because of it.

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[08 Jun 2003|02:10am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Oh no! Atlanta lost to Carolina. How can a team have so many great players and play so well but still struggle? I know, the Beat are in second place right now, but they've also played two more games than the first place team. I hope Washington loses tomorrow.

This season is going so fast. Only five more home games.

I think Atlanta is better than Washington because Atlanta can still play a good game while missing key players. Hopefully next week they will prove me right, since Scurry, Bivens, Sawa, and CP will all be away. I know that Canada and Mexico are playing next week - I'm not sure exactly what day. Could that mean we'll be missing Nonen, Hooper, and Dominguez, too? They can definitely play (Hooper and Nonen recently played 4 games in 8 days), but it's so dangerous to play that much. And if by chance we would be missing those three also, we'd basically have no team left. The subs would have to be the developmental players. This whole thing really makes me nervous and I was really hoping for a win today since we play Carolina again next week.

I noticed today that my favorite player in the league (Nikki Serlenga) and my least favorite (Tiffany Roberts) both wear the same number and play the same position. Damn you, TR, damn you!

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[29 May 2003|12:54pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Alright, I haven't posted here in a while, so I'll just mention a few things.

I was really glad to see a win against San Jose a couple weeks ago. I think Brandi Chastain's going to be hated by the Beat fans for life. I seriously have never heard a grown woman whine so much. When Kylie Bivens got her first yellow card, Chastain started yelling at the ref about how it should have been a red card. (And really, Bivens did deserve a yellow, but no way in hell should it have been a red.) Brandi got carded for dissent. Bivens's second yellow card was totally bogus. She barely ran into Chastain, but Chastain proved that she'll have a great career as an actress after she's through with soccer. She went rolling on the ground, cluthing her knee. Not surprisingly, after Bivens was ejected, she hopped right up and continued playing as if nothing had happened. After that, every time Brandi would do a throw-in or get the ball, a bunch of people would boo her. The part of me that's sweet and compassionate wanted to feel a little bad for her, but then I thought about it some more and I no longer felt bad.

When Chastain was whining, we could hear every word she was saying because it took place right in front of us. My roommate yelled out, "Shut up, Brandi!" in a cute little voice. My sister was visiting me so she was also at the game with us. Now every time someone starts whining about anything, my sister says, "Shut up, Brandi!"

So, last week's game against Boston: I didn't see it, but YAY! From what I hear, the Beat were really outplayed, but still ended up winning 3-1 because they put away their shots and Boston didn't. I'm glad to hear it because Atlanta's been having problems with that lately. I hope this will be a new trend because our offense has been suffering since the first two games. Serlenga got to play for a while, too! She's still listed as questionable on the injury list, though. Nikki's one of my favorite players on the team (possibly even my very favorite, but I really like most of them), but it seems like she's often overshadowed by the other players. I think she really keeps everyone organized on the field. At the San Jose game, Crumpton played well but looked absolutely lost out there without Serlenga directing her. Stone had to yell out to her a lot to tell her to move up.

Since I last posted, we've lost Emily Burt! :( I'm going to have to update the interests list. We added Callie Withers. I hope she's good enough to justify losing Burt. I think one of the biggest mistakes that happened in the off-season was waiving Lisa Kryzkowski to add Dieke.

Saturday's game is away, but I'll probably be going to Jocks and Jills to watch it. I wish they'd put these games on network tv, or that cable wasn't so damn expensive. It should be fun and J&Js though. Anyone want to join me?

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[12 May 2003|09:55am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

The Beat are tied for 5th place. :( I think this is misleading though.

They won their first two games by a large margin. They tied two of their games, and in the game they lost, they didn't score but were only scored against once. They have only allowed 3 goals all season, which is less than any other team. They have scored 13 goals, which is more than any other team.

I am really optimistic about the game this Saturday. First, they are going to want the win more since the CyberRays beat them at home 2 weeks ago. Second, I just have a feeling that this is going to be the week that the offence gets back on track and starts scoring again. I think this will be especially true if they score pretty early in the game, as they tend to pick it up a lot when they are happy. I hope I'm right.

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[01 May 2003|11:28pm]

The Beat are playing the Courage in Carolina on the 4th of July. I'm thinking this would be an excellent roadtrip from Atlanta. Now if I can only find someone to go with me, hey?
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[28 Apr 2003|12:19am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Okayyy. Since no one has joined, for now I guess this will be the place where I talk to myself about the Beat.

Unfortunately I had to work Saturday so I had to tape the game against the Freedom and watch it when I got home. That meant I was up in the middle of the night, bouncing around in my chair all by myself. I am usually a pretty calm and laid-back person, but not when I'm watching soccer. This is the only sport I get so freaking excited about, but I know where those dudes who sit around and watch American football or basketball and yell at the TV are coming from.

I'm a little bit stressed out by the tie. I don't think any game should ever end in a tie. It's just wrong. If there's a competition, there should be a winner. I've been waiting a week to see which team would take first place, and it ended in a stupid tie. But I would have been more stresed out if the Beat lost.

I hate the fact that this game was a double header. I would have loved to see both teams with all their players. I guess we'll have to wait until they meet next time to see how it goes, because I think these two teams against each other will make for the best games in the league. Both teams have great offense and defense. Washington has Hamm and Wambach and Mullinix. The Beat already had great defense, but this year with the addition of Dominguez, they are finally very strong in offense also.

While both teams are good at scoring, I think their future matches this year will be relatively low-scoring, as this one was. Mullinix and Scurry both make it very difficult for the ball the reach the back of the net.

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[21 Apr 2003|06:28pm]

[ mood | good ]

My name's Liz. I just started this community (obviously) so I'm trying to get things started.

If you have any suggestions for it, please let me know.

The Beat had two great games so far this year. Do you think they'll keep it up for the rest of the season?

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